Wednesday, May 20, 2015

struggling to get back to goal ....

i need to try harder i know how easy it is to get to goal when my heads in the right place ...had a chat to Leanne she suggested I cut one thing at a time out of my diet so im back to clean eating....today Kurri bread shop bread is gone as well as butter ....good place to start I think next crackers are gone ...I feel better already lol ....I am going to continue to do this till I am sorted...at the end of the day it feels much better to be in control than not so here's to a good start weighed in Monday and my weight was way up so im hoping this Monday down a little even a few grams will make me happy....I exercise most days no probs its my emotion binging that's not so good...too many deaths this last week and my cousin has cancer he is fighting that mother f*cker in his 3rd week of chemo and radiation  2 weeks to go hope like hell its gone....trying to stay positive for them ....need to realise my triggers and take them head on for my life style change to work

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

started rapid loss challenge 2014


I started RL again as gained weight due to lack of motivation being slack all started when had hernia op done in February then bladder op end of august so nipping in the bud so this year will of had 12 weeks no exercise booo start weight last Monday 15th sep 2014 was 68.3kg Mondays weigh in I was 64.9kg lost 3.4kg my first week even with out exercise 2.2 days till I see doc then im back oh yeah cant wait :) into my second week and doing great ;)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

WI number 35

WI number 35 on maintenance and another loss....i really wanted to go down to 52kg but was scared too because of my age I'm 300gms off it and my face is still going OK I'm not trying to lose just being careful about what i choose to eat  not rigded though ...it appears i can add more calories this week yay :) RL is the best!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

week 34 another loss

well week 34 is done... first week on maintenance you guessed it i got another loss a loss of 900gms thank you very much!im now 53kg 1 kg under what i thought was goal.... luving this program....our team challenge finished and i got another loss ...happy with that....yesterday was hard was 6 years to the day we lost Rick got on the grog paying for it today....hope it don't interfere with weigh in Tuesday :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

week 33 weigh in

week 33weigh in  i have lost again and made it to just below my goal weigh yay i weigh 53.9kg .....i am absolutely over the moon i started maintenance today excited much for my new healthy way of life luv you Rapid loss x

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

weigh in number 16 take two

Well my second challenge has come to an end i lost another 400gms bringing my 16 week challenge total to 11.4kg plus the 15kg from the 1st challenge.... 26.4kg gone....yeah ha....for 32 weeks running i have lost weight every time I'm so proud of that ...i started my weight loss journey in January weighing 80.8 kg and have finished it well all but 400gms weighing 54.4kg i am little again ....i think i might still try and lose that 400gms if i don't lose i don't care i am exactly where i want to be in my mid range healthy weight range excited much :)...i have another 2 weigh ins for my team so I'm thinking that 400gms will be biting the dust ....i have never tried a program that was so suited to me it's the best thing ever.... just ask my hubby ...thank you Ray Amal Nick the RL team and to all of you guys on the forum that supported and inspired me your all awesome whoot!!!look forward to meeting those who can go to the seminar very soon :) cheers to being skinny and luving it ;)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

WI NUMBER WEEK 15 challenge 2 (week 31)

whoot!!! did it again another 700gms gone one week to go 800gms to lose and i am at goal can i do it....yes i can...for 31 weeks i have followed stage 1 in the red section to the letter except over the last 8 weeks allowed myself a few accounted for celebration drinks .... but i thought it out first they were celebration drinks not oh lets go get drunk and blow it all out ...so I'm pleased with my new way of thinking there.... i cant believe how fantastic i feel now.....never want to be over weight again this feels so good have missed my slim body...it's back to stay :)